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What is the YMCA Leadership Challenge Centre?
The YMCA Leadership Challenge Centre provides customized leadership development programs for people of all ages and abilities. The facility includes an indoor bouldering wall and portable low ropes course as well as outdoor climbing tower, low ropes course and high ropes course.

How does this help people develop leadership skills?
Whether it’s scaling a wall, navigating a web of ropes or cheering on colleagues, the personal development comes from working together as a team. The programs are designed to improve communications, break down barriers and enhance leadership skills amongst participants. Success is not dependant on individual ability, but rather collaborating as a group to solve problems together. These lessons are key to developing leadership skills.

Is this safe?
Yes. While some of the elements may seem challenging, our highly trained Y instructors closely supervise participants in all activities, ensuring safety is not compromised. All of our programs ensure the risk is more perceived than real.The Y adheres to safety and risk-management protocols that exceed industry standards in adventure-based education. Our courses are designed, built and maintained by a professional outdoor education company with a membership to the Association for Challenge Course Technology http://acctinfo.org/

What age group could benefit from this centre?
Most of the programming at the centre is geared to Grade 7 and above, however, we can offer customized programming for as young as Grade 5. As for the maximum age, seniors in their 80s have participated in similar challenge courses. It is up to the individual to determine their comfort level for participation.

How much does it cost?
Our Getting Started page has a full breakdown of costs based on the user group.

Can our group bring our own food?
Yes. Catering is not provided for community or school groups to keep the cost low. We have a refrigerator on-site for these groups to use as well as covered outdoor picnic areas as well as indoor space. For corporate groups, catering is included in the package.

Is the facility wheelchair accessible?
Yes. Elements of the site are wheelchair accessible, ensuring everyone is able to participate. We have a high ropes element, called the Flying Squirrel, that is fully accessible. The building is also fully accessible. Please speak to the coordinator to discuss the specific needs of your group so programming can be created to meet their needs.

I'm scared of heights. Do I have to climb??
No. The YMCA Leadership Challenge Centre is about challenge by choice. We respect the rights of all participants to challenge themsevles, yet work within their comfort level.

Can I book the centre for a birthday party?

The YMCA Leadership Challenge Centre is focused on leadership development. It is not a recreational facility. While we welcome group bookings, the programming is designed around leadership development, not entertainment. For more mature individuals, the centre may be a good venue for a get together. Please call the coordinator to determine if it is an appropriate outing for your group.