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Breaking the ice - To help break down barriers, the day starts on a positive note with some fun, group activities to get people laughing. This is also an opportunity for Y instructors to assess the group dynamic and adjust programming accordingly.

Low ropes - This course challenges participants to problem solve and rely on each other to manoeuvre the elements. Communications, listening and collaboration are all required in this active, group challenge.

High ropes - Lessons learned on the ground are taken to new heights. Taking participants 30 feet above the ground adds a personal challenge element, while still relying on the team to navigate the course. In this high-impact experience, participants can chose their level of involvement based on their comfort level. Each person plays a key role in this challenge –whether cheering from the ground or walking along a rope high above the team.

Times – The timing of programs will be designed to reflect the needs of participants. We offer flexibility for groups, allowing for weekday, weeknight and weekend programming. For schools, program will be scheduled around bus availability. 

Typical Day
Full day packages are available for groups from 12 to 100.

The following is a typical schedule.

  • Arrival, welcome, facility orientation, housekeeping, goal setting
  • Introductory: Big Group Initiative
  • Small Group Initiatives
  • Lunch (Option A catered, Option B own)
  • Low ropes: Zig Zag, Traffic Jam
  • High ropes: Team Balance, Team All Aboard, Aerial Trust Dive
  • Ultimate high ropes: Vertical Playground
  • Comprehensive debrief
  • Departure