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The YMCA Leadership Challenge Centre provides customized leadership and development programs for all people of all ages and abilities. The programs are designed to improve communications, breakdown barriers, and enhance leadership skills.

  • School & Teachers
    Experiential education is a powerful tool in helping students transfer learning from the classroom into real life. Our staff works with teachers to create programs that meet Ontario curriculum requirements as well as address the specific needs of the students and teacher. Your custom curriculum package will include specific lesson plans, recommended experiential exercises, and debriefing activities.

    We work closely with teachers and educators to tailor our content to help your students achieve an increased sense of community, exceptional leadership and greater resilience and personal growth. We partner with elementary schools, secondary schools, and post secondary institutions to develop safe and effective programs that support existing classroom curriculum as well as meet all ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) policies and procedures, which follow OSBIE’s risk management guidelines. Your students will experience adventure and challenge in an environment that offers meaningful involvement, clear feedback, and structured reflection.

  • Community
    Our programs enable your participants to transfer learning from the YMCA Leadership Challenge Centre experience to their everyday lives. Each program is customized to meet the unique needs of the group. Sports teams may focus on team dynamics, while community groups may require leadership development for its members. Regardless of the program, the end result is a more cohesive group with new communications and leadership skills.

  • Corporate
    The success of many corporate training programs is removing people from their traditional environment and placing them in a neutral situation where all participants are equal. The YMCA Leadership Challenge Centre is an excellent opportunity to get away from the office and come together as a group. Programming can focus on team development, communication skills, respectful relations or simply having fun. Corporate packages include a lunch and refreshments, taking the stress out of corporate training.